Kofi Ayivor

Adzagli: Jungle Funk

Kalita • 1981

The name Kofi Ayivor may not be familiar to many. However, a closer look at his career reveals some distinguished names: The Nigerian-born musician was an active member of the London-based Afro-rock band Osibisa and has worked with the likes of E.T. Mensah, Eddy Grant, Angelique Kidjo, Ofege, Thin Lizzy and many more. 

In 1981, under his own direction and with illustrious support from Eddy Grant and several Osibisa colleagues, the musician, composer and producer recorded the album »Kofi«, which was then largely forgotten. Two veritable disco anthems can be heard here with »Adzagli (Jungle Funk)« and »A Song For You (Ayawa)«, which are now available on vinyl again for the first time. Both tracks have been remixed by Amsterdam DJ and producer Mendel, who has polished up the exuberantly funky songs with their razor-sharp horn sections for today’s dance floors, while at the same time subjecting them to a cleansing treatment that puts the emphasis on the beat and bass without diluting the West African flair. A nice find, if not necessarily an essential one.