Leon Vynehall

Music For The Uninvited

3024 Records • 2014

Listening to Leon Vynehall’s »Music For The Uninvited«, one could easily forget that this is the British producer’s long-player debut. This is how mature, self-confident and, yes, original young house musicians can still sound today. Unlike his rather straightforward, cracking debut for the music label AUS last year, the tracks this time show an exuberant, yet controlled playfulness that seems to want to signal how much this genre is still capable of with every bar. You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) rely on nostalgic routines to deliver a convincing statement. Right from the start on the opening track »Inside The Deku Tree«, dry staccato strings meet dancing synthesiser tones in an almost silly easy-listening manner with unorthodox intent. Yet even this succeeds so coherently that the listener can discover far more in the result than just another variation on the intro principle. With Leon Vynehall, you get the impression that someone is always opening up new spaces, usually full of driving motion and interspersed melodies that you can confidently sing along to without feeling embarrassed.