Each Dawn Every Dawn

Mixed Signals • 2020

Bandname puzzles fun for the whole family? Who is the first to guess what is behind the Enigma LITIA~LOE? Janine of class 10A guesses right: Life in the insane asylum = Life on earth. What this means now, we will learn in the next seminar. Until then we will turn to the story and the music of this release. In the Chicago of the late 1980s, there was a group of friends who, after the nightly capers in the club, went out to play music together. Leon Williams, Daryl Wilson and the brothers Grant and Simeon Rogers spent hours soaking up the eclectic mix of the scene at that time – when House, Italo, EBM, Wave and New Beat were casually played side by side and one after the other – and then tried to incorporate it all into their music.So there was still room between Nitzer Ebb, Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy; »Each Dawn Every Dawn« really takes off as reissue on Mixed Signals. There’s an unmistakable amount of »Your Love« and Jamie Principle Grandezza, as well as the Minimal Wave of the English school and those horny-melancholic synth strings. The sound haptic fits to it, you can hear the saturated portastudio out of every beat immediately. Flipped you will find another version. »The Day After« is really angry – and ends in this beat experiment, where you just tried it out. Actually the highlight of the record. But still it’s all very much in favour of the announced reissue on LP length. We wait.