Luis (DJ Python)

057 (Schwyn)

AD 93 • 2022

Luis is a side project by DJ Python, though he has neglected this side of his work – apart from a standalone EP from 2016, Brian Piñeyro has hardly produced anything under this name. Even more surprising, then, that he has reactivated it, not least because the 57th catalogue number on Nic Tasker’s label AD 93 immediately greets its audience with a Hauntology trip-hop beat based upon the Boards of Canada blueprint complete with samples of children talking. Luis used to offer more breaks, more electro grooves, a better vibe. But since »Schwyn« is dedicated to his best friend (our guess: a pet) and friendship is a constant source of joy, the mood shifts accordingly. Dreamy IDM that recalls Aphex Twins’ halcyon days, soothing Ambient, Fatima Yamaha-esque electro and then, finally, breakbeats and ethereal sounds as well as whispered vocals lead this EP out of the dark hole in which it had started and into the light. The music may be a bit kitschy and formulaic here or there, but overall, very sweet and wholesome. And since Piñeyro is one of the best producers of our time, every note is exactly where it belongs.

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057 (Schwyn)
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