Rock Konducta Part 2

Madlib Invazion • 2014

Madlib the »Rock Konducta Part 2«. Meaning: Rock around the world and clock, the second. On the road, somewhere between Los Angeles, Eritrea and Düsseldorf. Again, we have bizarre and hilarious breaks, tootly organ-sounds, wild guitar-riffs and crazily funny text-snippets. In short: It’s Madlib. At his purest. If you’re familiar with his works, you’ll quickly see how often certain parts actually repeat themselves – you kind of know the drum kits that were added to the samples, you’re familiar with the patterns because they’ve been there before and they’ll re-appear in the future. No wonder, considering that Madlib must have produced – seemingly – thousands of instrumentals in a comparably short amount of time. A Madlib-beat is a Madlib-beat, you’ll always be able to make it out. And while everyone is praising his genius all over town, people often forget about the fact that Madlib is a master of exactly those kinds of repetitions. Beat by beat. Sample by sample. And that’s where the genius lies; especially when accompanied by an ear for a special melody, for the perfect riff, for the unexpected – that’s where Madlib is at his best. Hence, »Rock Konducta Part 2« is a typical Madlib-record: Predictable but great.