Anata EP

Echocord • 2023

Mathimidori is a Japan-inspired side project by Mathias Kaden, but his third release on Echochord, following an album and a remix EP, is, like most of his records under this pseudonym, committed to a typically Berlin style of electronic dance music: »Anata« takes its cues from the dub techno tradition established during the 1990s by Basic Channel and Chain Reaction. The title track emphasises the first part of the genre name, relies on thick chords and a funky beat, which are atmospherically accentuated and complimented by distant patois vocals. »Zanziba« sounds a little less dense in comparison and in fact more light instead, as if making concessions to the house floor of an open-air festival. The expected highlight is the ten-minute remix of this track by Levon Vincent. The Novel Sound boss processes the underlying track into a brittle dub techno abstraction reminiscent of the rougher moments of Porter Ricks, buts also folds back the genre to its origins somewhere in the no man’s land between Chicago and Detroit with a bassline and carefully interspersed vintage synth melodies. A radical reinterpretation in the truest sense of the word, which makes this otherwise rather conventional EP stand out.