In My World

Brainfeeder • 2014

As the title suggests, the second record by Matthewdavid is taking us on a trip into his world – and there it’s all haywire. Different bits of different genres seem to freefloat with associations over an ocean of warm, deep bass lines. Matthew McQueens vocals and the differently manipulated vocal-samples can only be interpreted as yet another audio track because the Rap-Sing-Crooning is full of seeming fillers and clichés (like »sky is the limit« or »give it to you all night long«). In »Next To You Always« it even seems as if he tries to imitate the flow of André3000. It really isn’t a long way to thinking of a kind of backward self-adulation, especially when the cover-photo shows the artist and his son and when he uses somewhat esoteric song-titles. But even though »In My World« sounds rather eclectic, and even though key words like cliché and esoteric act as deterrents in most cases, it’s still worth making this trip. Because the album doesn’t only transcend genres between 60s-pop and drum’n’bass but also the different structures of individual tracks: Abrupt endings, missing transitions, verses and choruses juggled together excitingly. »Artforms« even pauses altogether, starts over again half-track in and then stops again at the very same spot. Through these contrasts, »In My World« is a discontinuous record, at the best parts of which you can see the tribal depths of a Gaslamp Killer shimmering through.