Kollektion 07: Solo Works

Bureau B • 2022

Could it be that the Bureau B label is simply recycling its Moebius stock here? Viewed soberly, that is certainly true. However, this seventh issue in their in-house »Collection« series does so in such a coherent way that the criticism is immediately dispelled. The awkward title says quite precisely what it is actually about. The fact that Moebius’ friend Asmus Tietchens made the selection is one thing. What is decisive, however, is that it is about »Solo Works« by Dieter Moebius. A quick detour: Moebius, who together with Hans-Joachim Roedelius formed the cosmic Kraut duo Cluster, was constantly productive between the Cluster phases, but Roedelius was even more productive. And Roedelius, incidentally, has the home advantage of still being alive. Above all, however, Moebius, who died in 2015, was, for all his solitary nature, a musician who was never averse to collaboration. With the result that solo records form a minority in his considerable catalogue. Of the 25 or so albums with his name on the cover, there are only seven. Moreover, the time span from his solo debut, »Tonspuren« (1983), to his last solo opus, »Musik für Metropolis«, covers 34 years. Astonishingly, this offer to get to know him is rather consistent if that can be said about an artist whose work is characterised by eccentric protosynth pop, philanthropic industrial friction and airy self-constructed attempts at electronic music. Anyone who hasn’t had Moebius on their radar thus far should bloody well get to it.