Jörg Thomasius

Acht Gesänge Der Schwarzen Hunde

Bureau B • 2022

Chants as if from different cultural worlds, nervous percussion, artificial birdsong and alienated and disjointed piano passages – every time you hear it, Jörg Thomasius’ music on »Acht Gesänge der schwarzen Hunde« sounds especially unique, unusual and challenging. Entirely different, but just as good, is the final track: the relaxed and hypnotically repetitive »Meditation« is stylistically reminiscent of the Berlin School of the Seventies around Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, but dispenses completely with any symphonic pathos. Jörg »Tomato« Thomasius, born 1955, has been releasing highly experimental electronic music beyond the usual genre boundaries since the mid-80s. The East Berliner became involved with West German progressive music early on, worked with composer Dieter Zobel and the free improvising ensemble »Das Freie Orchester« and later came to electronic music by experimenting with tape. Finally, in 1985, he collaborated with the West Berlin sound artist Conrad Schnitzler. The releases on his label Kröten Kassetten also led to contacts being established in Western Europe and the USA and to joint projects with musicians such as Lars Stroschen, Guido Hübner (»Das Synthetische Mischgewebe«) and Doc Wör Mirran. At the end of the 90s, Jörg Thomasius suddenly fell silent. But his exciting and unusual music still deserves attention in 2022. This compilation is proof of the fact, although it only manages to present a tiny fraction of his many releases. A great compilation. There may be more to come!