Various Artists

Silberland 02: The Driving Side Of Kosmische Musik Vol. 2

Bureau B • 2023

Back then, you could still be among your own. It was wonderful, at any rate not very feminine, and that’s just how they were with each other, the men and their machines. Nowadays, whenever someone says, »Yeah, nice, but so long ago«, Office B invokes the much-vaunted glory. It’s a tradition, it’s always been like that, so it can stay like that, because: it’s the custom! On »Silberland 02: The Driving Side Of Kosmische Musik Vol. 2« fans of the familiar can find a familiar past. So there they all are: Conrad Schnitzler, Cluster, Faust and Asmus Tietchens form the back line pressing forward, Faust, Dinger and Moebius play for time in midfield, and Heiko Maile charges into an offside position alongside Harald Grosskopf and Günter Schickert. In goal, incidentally: German quality, of course. This is how it starts, then a lot happens and later, during half-time, they trim their moustaches. Change of ends, we continue with some injury-related changes. Tyndall and Pyrolator are now out on the pitch. Roedelius is warming up. The faction says good morning! In the end the better side wins. Or the music. Because it was really good back then. Not to say great!