Ninos Du Brasil

Antro Pop

Hospital Productions • 2022

On their fourth album »Antro Pop«, the Italian duo Ninos Du Brasil fire out of all barrels: the energy of Nicolò Fortuni and Nico Vascellari rolls over this sound with percussion and beats. A track like »Chamada Chienenne« pounds along so stoically in just over three minutes that every beat hammers itself into your brain stem. Tribal, industrial and experimental set the tone, but Ninos Du Brasil do not get bogged down in sound art. All nine tracks remain highly danceable. »Preto Preto« wipes the inside of your skull with its bass while your legs are still twitching. On »Chamas E Fumaca«, urban shamanism attains its full effect. In a trance, the rhythm increases to the point of insanity. A few remnants of a text tumble through the background. Only on »Escuro Profundo« does it get a bit more spherical, the dust of shattered conventions rises there, while everything sinks into a deep blue. »Antro Pop« feels like a spiritual experience during every second. It’s never quite clear who is casting out whose devil. But this album sweeps you along from the first second. Every beat, every bar like a stimulant for the soul. A slap in the face that motivates you for the rest of your very existence. Nervous, shimmering, loud, crazy, insane. Or simply magnificent.