Central Processing Unit • 2023

Does it just seem that way, or has electro really taken a back seat over the last two years after the remarkable hype at the end of the last decade? Of course, some artists, such as DJ Stingray – who adheres to a supposedly pure doctrine—or DJ MELL G—electro with a tasty ghetto-tech flavour—seem to exist in more than one incarnation, otherwise there would be no way of explaining the number of gigs they play. Electro from the centre of society, however, with a focus on production rather than performance, has a harder time between trance bangers and the slowly burgeoning return to minimal aesthetics.

At any rate, Nullptr could care less about all that. Because unless something completely unforeseen happens, Eddie Symons, as the artist is known officially, will be making electro for the rest of his life, one way or another. He has found a kindred spirit in the label Central Processing Unit: its simple binary appearance inevitably brings computer music into focus. And that’s just fine with Nullptr as always. Whether it’s ambient electro with a powerful low end that breathes through Drexciyan snares—»Pulsar«—or the title track right at the start of the EP, which blasts off out without much fuss, let alone build-up: Symons masters all varieties of the genre and knows how to fill the gaps between the syncopations with meaning. »Recu