Club Salon Theatre

Music From Memory • 2023

Geneva-based producer and DJ Androo is everything but a one-trick pony. He channels so many influences in his music that it almost inevitably has to appear in sketchy in form. With its 23 tracks, »Club Salon Theatre« reveals that it is not a conventional album even before you listen to it.  

Androo moves between beat maker hip-hop, trap and experimental influences on the mostly short tracks. »(shhhht) Introduction« builds tension in a scenic manner, in the style of a Flying Lotus conceptual approach, with the trap hi-hats rattling lushly. »Wyatt revolt« pairs an 808 reggaeton beat with a simple bassline that contrasts with the basic Balearic motif. The synths become the recognisable constant on the album, which combines clattering beats reminiscent of Theo Parrish’s early signature sound tracks with the casual jazz gestures of a Pharoah Sanders – »Autonomia« – or warm-hearted miniatures such as the two parts of »Moment’s notice«.  

The basic mood remains something for sunny people, Androo’s music, even in its more offbeat moments like »Judso Danc Theate«, is aimed at those who spend their summers in parks, on roofs or on balconies. Although the Swiss artist flaunts his wealth of ideas almost exuberantly, the childlike enthusiasm with which he swings through his circus ring, his club, his salon and his theatre never seems contrived.