Octo Octa

Dreams Of A Dancefloor

T4T LUV NRG • 2023

With the onset of the pandemic, Maya Bouldry-Morrison scaled down her previously remarkable release frequency: With the exception of an EP from 2021, the T4T LUV NRG co-founder has not released a single solo record since the first lockdown, although Octo Octa now jets around the world all the more diligently as a DJ. »Dreams of a Dancefloor« proves that the club is more than just a work place for her, though. Like the music of Eris Drew in its best moments, it makes nostalgically charged sounds and rhythms feel very present. This may be due to the thematic cornerstones: physicality, intimacy, sex. »Late Night Love« uses a classic deep house groove and trance melodies to drag the whole thing out in a tantric, pleasurable way. Wonderfully slow and sensual. After that, »Let Yourself Go!« is almost overwhelming in its bounciness—hissing hi-hats and rattling breaks form the foundation for all kinds of snap-breathing sounds, while the soothing cosmic melodies seem rather out of place. In its concrete and abstract work with the aesthetic codes of deep house, »Come Here, Let’s Commune« is reminiscent of the collaborations between DJ Sprinkles and Mark Fell, but is unquestionably aimed much more at the dance floor (or even the bed) than the music of those two braniacs. This is, after all, music that has to be felt—both physically and emotionally.