Odd Nosdam


Leaving Records • 2016

Odd Nosdam co-founder of the Californian Anticon-collective, has come forward with another solo record after having produced various albums for Serengeti (e.g. »Kenny Dennis LP«) – it’s his second production for Matthewdavid’s Leaving Records The simple title »Sisters« hints at the record’s structure: nine sisters turned into music, all of them sensitive and delicate beings, dressed in an electronic garment between spherical ambient and laid-back hip hop. Their appeal lies within warmhearted synth-arrangements, the producer’s signature move, while kick and snare stay true to the 90 bpm-marker, in order to keep the hypnotic soundscapes from free-floating into the ether. The first sister, »Bow They Will!!!«, seems to have grown up with a bunch of brothers. She’s good at dishing it out without ever losing her grace. »Burrow«, the fourth one, is elegant as a fairy while only seemingly practicing restraint. The following »Center« bundles analogue ingredients into a mantra-like shaman’s song until the succeeding title track uses liturgical choruses in order to lead us through moments of devotion. It’s the sheer boldness, with which Odd Nosdam charges these quite moments with energy, that turns this LP into an event. Hence, it makes you wish for the record to be like its eights track: »Endless«.