Ras G

Raw Fruit Vol. 3 & 4

Leaving • 2015

Once again, Ras G has landed his space ship in L.A., in order to show us earthlings how to create a proper beat. Also once more, Ras G is closer to Miles Davis’s or Sun Ra’s jazz-odysseys than to the contemporary hip hop scene on »Raw Fruit Vol. 3 & 4«. Crackling vocals, broken beats, urban science fiction elements and the trademark sound, a sustained »Oh Ras«-sample, are all being combined to an unconventional journey through Sampledelia. The raw material comes from a plethora of sources: old jazz records, movies like »Menace II Society« or viral youtube-clips (»Hello Motherfucker«) are getting in touch with the rough reality of the planet South Central. And despite the fact that Ras G created a whole beat-kaleidoscope, only a few tracks really stick out. In particular, the features by Kahil Sadiq or the quiet and relaxed moments as to be heard in »Spaceship On Cruise Control« or »What Would Paul Mooney Say«. The soul loop in »Black Daffi’s Revenge« sounds as if the beat is coming directly from »Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)«. »South Central Matrix«, on the other hand, could be found on any Flying Lotus record. Still, even if you think you recognize a concrete style or label here or there, the Leaving Records release »Raw Fruit Vol. 3 & 4« is produced in such a concisely oldschool way that it remains on the outskirts of any contemporary hip hop convention.