Regional Garland

Mixed Sugar: The Complete Works 1970-1987

Now-Again • 2012

As proven by this album, Now-Again Records is beginning to become an impressive guarantor for quality when it comes to compilating Funk- and Soul-tracks which are nowhere to be bought anymore. It seems as if »Egon« Alapatt is simply not capable of putting together something mediocre of even bad, because also the collected works of Regional Garland leave no open desires what so ever. Between 1970 and 1987, the artist from Flint, Michigan, wrote true Soul-pearls, sometimes singing himself, sometimes leaving the singing to stars like Jerry Butler. This collection of his works, most of it on master tapes and unpublished so far, demonstrates on the one hand Garland’s unbelievable musical range between symphonic Soul, Blaxploitation-Funk-instrumentals and tender ballads. On the other hand, it proves his talent as a songwriter, sensitive singer and clever arranger. Scandalous as it is, it’s more than overdue that »Mixed Sugar« drags him out of the obscurity – especially when being faced with classics like »It’s A Bad Feeling«, which is also to be found on Now-Again’s »Soul Cal«-anthology. This artist has been culpably underestimated for too long! Since they realized that two super-rare pieces were missing after the record was done, these two tracks can be downloaded now additionally – because otherwise, it wouldn’t actually be »The Complete Works«. Now-Again really do splash out.