Suso Sáiz

Resonant Bodies

Music From Memory • 2022

In the beginning was the sound – at least the sound itself is the starting point of »Resonant Bodies« by Suso Sáiz. The Spanish ambient musician is more precisely concerned with the resonance of tones – the communication between them as a symbol of human communication. In the two-year production of his seventh album, he arranged individual sounds piece by piece so that their vibrations produced new sound elements, which in turn caused new sounds to resonate, and so on. The individual sound particles created a network of communication in which the sound objects triggered a kind of symphony of resonance. The tracks on the concept album usually begin very quietly with a flat sound that builds up into a dense, yet gentle, surge of sound as more layers accumulate. On »Tarde de Agosto,« the initial sound is the hum and rumble of a late summer night in nature. On »Looking You In Silence,« waves of sound break each other. Foggy, weightless pads characterize the album, with field recordings or percussion only occasionally flashing up. What remains is a kind of self-oscillating orchestra of hazy sounds that build up, deflect or drown each other out. With enough time at hand, the 18 tracks of hazy swaths of sound manage to create a kind of mediative trance that first lets you get away from communicating with others.