Lost Here EP

Apollo Records • 2013

Synkro is a seducer. He takes you in, schmoozes you with sweet melodies, sometimes you’ll even get a little pat on your butt. We could have called Synkro the sweet-talker of electronic music for quite some time now, if his music hadn’t had such an obvious connection to the next best techno-club. Synkro’s sound has always captured the moment of leaving the club, when you still feel the bass vibrating though your body. On the »Acceptance EP« for instance, released at Apollo Records at the beginning of last year, the claps were set so that they resembled an echo of a night danced away. The vocal-samples spoke to us as the night’s content reverberation on a hangover-morning. However, on the »Lost Here EP«, there’s absolutely nothing left of that mood. Instead, some extra feeling and tenderness have been added to a sound that’s coming through the blur-filter. It’s especially bad on the a-side, when the singer Robert Menos begs for attention, trapped in his very own echo (»Catch me when I fall, move me when I freeze«). The speeches, the sound, and basically anything on »Lost Here« and »In My Ears« has been washed cuddly with a softener, and the whole gesture is so scarily conservative that a halfstep-rhythm and a mumbly bass-line can’t change that. Hence, the much better b-side doesn’t even stand a chance. »Nights of Pleasure« also starts out bedded in satin, but half-way through, the track is being mirrored by minimal drum’n’bass. »Fading Lights« opens up even further and finally wanders off on a jungly path. Unfortunately, it’s the only track that gets even close to Synkro’s previous record.