The Lemon Twigs

Everything Harmony

Captured Tracks • 2023

When brothers Michael and Brian D’Addario burst onto the scene with a bang in 2016 with their first proper album, »Do Hollywood«, neither were quite 20 years old and the hackneyed attribution of musical prodigies was quickly attached to them by virtue of their perfect retro sound.  The whimsical second album was a musical about a teenage monkey growing up in the human world, after which »Songs For The General Public« was released in 2020, again devoid of any concept.  Their fourth work »Everything Harmony« associates freely between 60s Westcoast Pop, 70s radio hits and 90s college rock, between the vocal harmonies of the Beach Boys and Simon & Garfunkel, between the fine fingerpicking of Nick Drake and the bombastic strings of an Elton John ballad.  The 13 new, extremely catchy songs are also of the highest level technically and burst with ideas.  Universal themes are treated quite vaguely, whereby it is clear that the sound and not so much the lyrics have always been the convincing factor.  With their meanwhile proven pastiche approach, The Lemon Twigs try to write timeless, universal songs, whereby it can sometimes appear as if a Byrds verse is colliding with a chorus from Teenage Fanclub, as on »Ghost Run Free«. The fact that you can hear their idols so clearly and distinctly can also be considered a shortcoming of course, a lack of independence. Nevertheless, »Everything Harmony« remains entertaining fun.