Toki Fuko

Spirit Medicine

Astral Industries • 2023

Toki Fuko makes you wade through a jungle of self-knowledge, literally: The »Spirit Medicine« is swallowed, the didgeridoos cued up and the trip begins all by itself. Before you even know what’s happening, your thoughts are lost in a strange fog of past and present. Between croaking toads and jungle drums, the groove gets lost in between, shamanically suggesting an epiphany. Whether this is God or the death of the ego becomes pretty arbitrary towards the end of »Part 1«. What is certain is that »Part 2« takes you on a long voyage into nirvana. Or rather, you are catapulted into space. As you steer the spaceship towards Mars, you come across missing space objects. Voices from the off: NASA sends its regards. Or is it your own past talking after all? Whatever the case, Toki Foku aka Sergey Korotaev, for whom no experiment is too costly, surely sends you on an odyssey with »Spirit Medicine«. Whether intoxicated or sober, spiritual hypnosis is not something that leaves you completely indifferent. It’s perhaps a little too quirky to keep the crowd in the club, but definitely a must for all those experimental trippers who prefer to keep it inside their own four walls.