Various Artists

Club Coco 2: Ahora! The Latin Sound Of Now

Bongo Joe • 2023

Because she knows how to set the dance floor on fire, Mexican Coco María is not only a much-loved star DJ, but also a great storyteller, despite all the highlights. If that’s news to you, then have a listen to the wonderful intro to »Club Coco 2: Ahora! The Latin Sound Of Now«. »Pacific Dreams« is not only a gem that reveals more in one minute than other tracks do in ten, but it is also a successful prelude that cleverly leads the listener in the wrong direction. For the time being, the sentimental synth and guitar lines, which interact so beautifully with the cowbell, remain the only romantic moment on this compilation. Which is a statement at the same time: you don’t have to be from South America to produce Latin music. Raz Olsher now lives in London but was born in Tel Aviv. Coco María holds the reins a little tighter after that: »Puerta del Sol« is a wild soundtrack by Los Pirañas – crazy, mescaline-addicted and drooling. This ain’t no regular electric salsa! In return, »Children’s Favourite« can then swim through Moog fantasies in Mort Garson’s wake, delighting children and their parents on the way. A compilation like a tarantula: hairy, nimble and rather tame. At the same time though it’s a real shocker, which is why it’s so tempting.