Ninja Tune • 2023

I’ve read it at least twelve times, but only just realised that the album is actually called »softSCARS« and not »softCARS«. That doesn’t change a thing about this excellent fifth album from yeule though, who is often described as »the most exciting figure in the field of alternative pop of this« or perhaps any time. It’s worth a mention, though, even if you are into soft cars more than soft scars. So, yeah, yeule in lowercase because of the comma an’ all. At this point, promiscuous arts editors would write about some kind of zeitgeist, and then the eighties or the nineties or even the noughties, and then quickly make the transition to the modern era, which ended fragmentarily for them in the seventies: »It all sounds like Grimes, only better!« Yeah, right on. That’s one way of seeing things, anyway. Or listening… But with all this, yeule extends a YOU DON’T WRITE HYPERPOP hand to all those who ostentatiously stick their fingers down their throats at the word »pop« because if it says something about avant-garde, and then pop, it’s like in maths when a minus and a minus result in a plus. That’s something even Doc Marten-gazing I-only-listen-to-experimental-music people would agree on then. Well then, cheers mate, and don’t yell about it!