Mount Matsu

Glitterbeat • 2024

Recorded in Belgium, YĪN YĪN return with their new and third album »Mount Matsu«. Skilfully juggling different musical eras and genres, they focus on the South-East Asian psych-funk of the sixties and seventies. Spiced with a touch of soul, 1980s disco, indie-pop, Japanese instrumental folklore and unpretentious vocals, the band remains true to itself and follows the style of its previous albums. 

»Mount Matsu« presents itself as a (mostly) instrumental soundscape, composed of warm and band-driven psychedelic disco, powerful global funk and electro. The four-piece band plays with driving dynamics, uses vintage synthesizers, and draws on the traditional sound of the koto, carefully treating Asian sound motifs. The track »Komori Uta« stands out for the meticulous purity of its sound: every tiny detail, every smallest component—be it a gentle crackle, a clink and buzz or a discreet splash—appears razor-sharp.