Off the beaten tracks with… – Blond:ish

We go off the beaten tracks. In our ongoing series we give artists the space to talk about a passion which isn’t their own music. This time around Blond:ish take us with them on their travels.

Legend has it that Montreal-based Anstascia D’elene and Vivie Ann Bakos arrived on the scene when winning the World Air Guitar Championship in their hometown back in 2008. True or not? It doesn’t really matter, a fun-loving attitude do both girls have anyway. Starting their own midweek house music nights at Montreal’s Cherry, they haven’t stop spreading love through music all over the world since then. After making one’s mark in Canada, the girls were not afraid of the next level and stepped to London in 2010. With all the many-faceted influences the British capital can name its own, Blond:ish strengthened their skills and quickly starting releasing on heavy-weights Get Physical and Kompakt. Touring the whole world, might be switching between flights, hotels and clubs for some of their fellows only. But Blond:ish never refused to pick up the chances their profession offers to further developing of mind and soul. Inspired by their travels and armed with a mission, the story of the girls who went out to teach what hippie spirit is, continues with their very first full-length »Welcome to the Present«. You had probably never expected this intense psychedelically electronica output, Blond:ish now dropped. But more likely, you never expected a talk about face masks, yoga exercises and healthy food.

Recovering from partying
Viv:: We went to India earlier this year and a friend of ours came with us, and she’s known for her incredible skin. While in India we got into her beauty regimen. And for good reason! We were glowing more than usual.  When we got back from India I bought her recipe and added some of mine too which is:

  • Future cosmetics flash 10 botanical cleanser (daily use), cleanse with the FOREO Luna facial-cleansing brush or the clarisonic. 
  • Dermatologica exfoliant 
  • Future cosmetics Beauty drop no.3 serum (apply after cleanser or exfoliating)
  • And then twice a week we use a future cosmetics mask heritage or a mask phyto no.2It’s a bit expensive so sometimes we make a mask out of stuff in the kitchen like mango/honey and Aloe. Leave on for 20 min and you good. 
  • Finish with the future cosmetics cream and luzern force de vie eye cream. 

Clean eating when you are on the road
Viv:: We started out just bringing xylitol (a natural sugar substitute) on tour with us for our coffees. But now it’s grown into a lot more. Honey, habanero powder from Mexico, activated charcoal, Himalayan salt, green powder for weekend energy, and Anstascia has a whole pill box full of ginger pills to grapefruit seed extract and is incredible when you’re travelling to new territories and eating meat and dairy. It helps prep your digestive system. It helped in South America and India for sure too. We didn’t get sick once!

How to combine sport/fitness with a busy schedule
Viv:: Airplanes and spending a lot of time in the studio or on a computer plagues DJs these days. So back and spinal care is necessary. We stretch anywhere we can. A lot of the time we do it while waiting at the airport or waiting in line to board! There’s usually lots of room to get some yoga, qi gong or kundalini breathing. Qi gong- tai chi moves might get some weird looks in public but it’s also an amazing conversation starter! Everyone is curious. 

Being productive while traveling
Viv: One place I found very efficient to get things done I don’t normally have time for is when the plane is taking off or landing. Instead of sitting there twiddling my thumbs, I take that quiet time to do some light 20 min meditation with my headphones on or do some Kegel excercises!! It turned into a nice little routine.

Perfect Streetwear for travelling
Viv: There’s this brand that my friend Mia Lucci got us into called Zanerobe. It’s a company out of Australia for men. Everyone loves an Aussie. We just love them too much! They have these dropshot pants that are super unisex and it’s my GOTO airport attire. There’s nothing more comfortable other than being naked maybe.  

Festivals / Clubs you like to go to in your free time
Anstascia:: We’ve honestly been so busy lately that pretty much the last thing we want to do is to “party” or go clubbing on our days off. We prefer learning new things, making music, relaxing and spending quality time with friends and family. But whenever we go to festivals for work, if there are interesting things going on, we usually like to make the weekend of it. We were just at Symbiosis festival near San Francisco and we ended up staying the whole weekend! They had amazing workshops on all sorts of topics were into like permaculture, sound meditations, human design etc. But for events like Off Sonar and ADE we also tend to make the most of the fun whilst catching up with friends. It’s all about balance 🙂 

Clubs we love to play at 
Anstascia:: Lately we have been loving to play more at open air festivals such as Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, Desert Heart or beach / boat parties. But when it comes to proper clubbing, some of the most amazing nights we’ve had playing were at Fabric London, Panorama Bar Berlin, Rodnya in Moscow, Output NYC and Warung Brazil – just to name a few (there are way too many out there!!)

Vacation – where to recover and relax
Anstascia: For our rare vacations, we’re usually in Tulum, Mexico which is like home for us. But while we’re there, we also made sure to balance our relax time with recording and creating music because it is such an inspiring place on earth. Last spring, while we were in Bali and India, we decided to make a vacation out of our trip even though we were initially there for work. That had to be one of the most transformational journeys of our lives. We did a lot of inner searching and reflecting mixed with yoga, spa’s, amazing food and some sightseeing.  India is such a huge country that we felt like in 3 weeks, we only scratched the surface. They say it takes more than a lifetime to absorb everything that India has to offer. We can’t wait to go back and jump in. 

Music we listen to on the road
Anstascia: As were constantly treasure hunting for electronic music to play in our sets, I tend to be drawn a lot more these days into relaxing music that balances out my hectic lifestyle. 
We’ve been really into eastern music lately and it is definitely influenced our production style. Traveling in India led us to a whole new mountain of discoveries in other sounds than the electronic music that we play. Two of my favourite albums in this genre right now are: 
Craig Preuss – Sacred chants of Shiva
Aruna – Thousand names of the divine mother 

The inside of the suitcase while on tour
Anstascia: In my little Rimowa, you can surprisingly fit a LOT. Enough to surViv:e for at least a good 5 days and no repeat outfits. I always have a middle divider filled with all sorts of goodies like organic raw fruit bars for energy, Miso soups (really great when you’re hungover on tour), spirulina green energy powder, bandaids, permanent markers, blondish stickers and other really random stuff. I also carry a pill box with every single (natural) supplement you can imagine. Things like having ginger pills in case you get car sick, or immune boosters to take before you’re on a flight is super essential for us. Then I have our X1 controller, cables, a laptop stand, laptop and another zipper bag thingy with all sorts of smaller cables and power adaptors, headphones. Bringing a few pairs of DJ earplugs are crucial to protect my ears. Then there is still a bit of space left for shoes, clothing and toiletries. And I never forget my kindle full of inspiring books and my tuning forks for when I have sore muscles or get a bit stressed out. Security at airports always are so confused when they see them for the first time it makes us giggle.