After ten years, 40 Winks announce new album

Completely unintentional: With »Field Recordings« a new album by the Belgian beatmaker duo 40 Winks will be released on Project: Mooncircle on September 3, 2021. The first after ten years.

Unintentionality as a goal: For their new album »Field Recordings«, the Belgian duo 40 Winks set out with their recording equipment and collected all kinds of sounds by chance, which they incorporated into their relaxed framework of beats, instrumental hip-hop, soul, jazz and gospel. In the advance track »GONE TOMORROW« you can already tell how harmoniously everything fits together. A pounding piano briefly fights with the drums for the rhythm, while a guitar provides a late summer atmosphere and the appropriate gospel sample runs over the whole thing. Relaxed vibe just remains relaxed vibe. For almost twenty years now, 40 Winks have been active in the scene and had found their characteristic sound early on. »Field Recordings« with its 17 tracks is no exception. Rather, it is like a familiar trip that opens up here. Only maybe with a few detours and a few more sunsets than usual. And in the end the way is always the goal. Just unintentionality. The record will be released on September 3rd via our own label Project: Mooncircle in a limited colored vinyl edition.

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40 Winks
Field Recordings
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  • A1 Free Birds / Kalimba ’73
  • A2 We’re Flying
  • A4 Deeeep Diiiive
  • A5 The Weeping Soul
  • B1 Tried_so_harddd
  • B2 We’ve Come This Far
  • B4 Other World Prelude
  • B5 Catch The Sky
  • C1 Lucy’s Advice
  • C3 Dark Hope OST
  • C4 Way Too High For This
  • D1 Mindful Harmonics I
  • D2 Mindful Harmonics II
  • D3 Mindful Harmonics III

»Field Recordings« by 40 Winks will be released September 3, 2021 on Project: Mooncircle.