Alfa Mist – Exclusive Edition: »Bring Backs«

Alfa Mist releases “Bring Backs”, his most sophisticated album to date, on April 23. Exclusively at HHV Records the record is available in a limited Peach Vinyl Edition.

From the gray gutters of East London to the forefront of the new British jazz in just three years. Well, it probably wasn’t quite that easy. But what Alfa Mist has burned down in terms of jazz fusions since 2017’s debut »Antiphon« is without question something to behold – naked and in color. Totally playful yet bereft of any frills, the self-taught beat virtuoso, who has been producing grime and jazz alongside rap since college, now lets rip with »Bring Backs« his most sophisticated work to date.
The conceptual framework is a poem by voice actress and lyricist Hilary Thomas, which lyrically supports and connects the nine tracks. Infused with the auditory lightness of a style that wants to be neither easy listening nor jazz, but manages to do both, album number three actually does nothing wrong. New jazz rarely sounds this unpretentious.
Exclusively on HHV Records, “Bring Backs” is available in a limited Peach Vinyl Edition.


  • A1 Teki
  • A2 People Feat. Kaya Thomas-Dyke
  • A3 Mind The Gap Feat. Lex Amor
  • A4 Run Outs
  • A5 Last Card (Bumper Cars)
  • B1 Coasting
  • B2 Attune
  • B3 Once A Year
  • B4 Organic Rust

»Bring Backs« von Alfa Mist will be released April 23, 2021 via Anti- Records.