Arca – Exclusive Edition: »KiCk i«

Foto: Hart Leshkina © XL Recordings
A 62-minute single is followed by »KiCk i«, the next big hit from Arca. On the album, she approaches pop from the most musically improbable perspectives. Exclusively at HHV Records the record will be available on Clear Vinyl.

If the Appetizer is already one hour long, how should the actual album be? When Arca released »@@@@@« in February, it was meant as a »prelude« to a new chapter in perhaps the most unusual career of the past decade. Alejandra Ghersi has collaborated with Kanye West, FKA twigs, Dean Blunt, Kelela, Frank Ocean and of course her sister in the spirit of Björk and together with Jesse Kanda has set the course for a new, fluid and decidedly transformative aesthetic in the pop business. Arca albums only resembled each other in the consequence of their realization: Not only the musical focus but also the circle of comrades-in-arms* was constantly expanding. On »KiCk i« you can hear old friends like Björk and SOPHIE, flamenco savior Rosalía and Shygirl, with whom Ghersi released the track »unconditional« in June to raise money for the Black Lives Matter movement. That alone should be information enough and yet only very poorly outlines the coordination of »KiCk i«, according to the announcement only the first in a series of new works in which the non-binary, trans Latinx identity issues are renegotiated. What does that mean musically? Across these twelve songs, it first means a (re)approach to pop forms, including reggaetón and bubblegum moments, noise attacks and a lot of sound futurism. Only just, so much Arca remains the same, in a way never heard before. Exclusively in Germany you can get the Clear Vinyl Edition limited to 500 copies at HHV Records.


  • A1 Nonbinary
  • A2 Time
  • A3 Mequetrefe
  • A4 Riquiqui
  • A5 Calor
  • A6 Afterwards Feat. Björk
  • B1 Watch Feat. Shygirl
  • B2 Klk Feat. Rosalía
  • B3 Rip The Slit
  • B4 La Chíqui Feat. Sophie
  • B5 Machote
  • B6 No Queda Nada