XL Recordings

XL Recordings is a London-based record label, founded in 1989 as sublabel of Beggars Banquet by Tim Palmer, Nick Halkes and Richard Russell. Next to the sublabel Citibeat XL Recordings was founded as further offshoot for the Genres rave and dance. With SL2, T99 and Johnni L very quickly there were their first smaller successes. The co-founders Halkes and Palmer left XL-Recordings in 1993 and Russel took over the label alone. With »Music for the Jilted Generation« the second album of The Prodigy has been released in 1994 and at the very latest with their next shoot »The Fat Of The Land« the breakthrough was achieved. In the noughties the label expanded its stylistic spectrum and with Badly Drawn Boy, M.I.A., The White Stripes and The xx they were alble to set musical accents throughout the entire decade. In 2009 even Radiohead switched to the label. The album »21« by Adele, released in 2012, was not only the greatest hit for the label, but one of the most successful albums in recent years.