Dismantled Into Juice

XL Recordings • 2023

English DJ Jamie Roberts aka Blawan has been acclaimed for his industrial techno for over a decade now, with »Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage« being an early hit in 2012. »Dismantled Into Juice«, his second EP on XL Recordings, is his most innovative record to date and a clear departure from the club sound. 

Blawan sounds heavier than ever here. The hyper-distorted saw metalcore of his side project Persher, which Blawan started in 2022 with his producer friend Pariah, must have left its mark. In any case, »Dismantled Into Juice« evokes states far removed from typical dance floor emotionality that are more likely to induce ventricular fibrillation and feverish dreams of flying fists. The kicks are surprisingly reduced, but the controlled rumble of the brute bass is allowed to mutate into its own rhythm section. Rolling tom-toms, fragmented woodblocks and a glistening zigzag of synths accelerate the half-time beats, creating a maelstrom of tempo ambivalence. 

At the same time, the mix has a claustrophobically tight feel to it. Crystalline highs, a crisp mid-range and, above all, a frighteningly precise deep magic; the middle frequencies are all blown out of the water. If there is such a thing as a tradition of the anti-traditional, then the UK electro scene, with its almost necessary unconventionality and counter-intuitiveness, would be a hot contender. And Blawan is currently its most worthy representative.