Sleep Well

Thrill Jockey • 2024

A warning to all insomniacs: the album title is a lie. When Persher say »Good Night«, nobody sleeps. Persher are Blawan and Pariah: you may know them. But not like this Because »Sleep Well« feels more like the two producers and DJs have mutated into orcs who now confidently make grindcore for the advanced, somehow destroying everything you know about the genre. Sonic exorcism and physical emptying. »Sleep Well« crawls over you like maggots in a jungle camp and rots the last remnants of your dreams. It sounds horrible, but it’s not. It’s like the nightmare you always wanted because the fall is so high and you can fly for a short time. While Blawan and Pariah scream you to sleep, the eight tracks escalate into something you can only move to by twitching. From »Crumpled Man« to »Medieval Soup« to »Celtic Froth«, it’s all there, and what more could you want? After listening to it, you should maybe sleep a bit to calm your soul.