Thrill Jockey

Thrill Jockey is a Chicago-based record label, founded in 1992 by Bettina Richards. Richards started the label with a saved up and borrowed budget of 35.000$ in her little apartment in New York City. From the first day the philosophie of the label was only signing musicians after personal taste and symphatie. The breakthrough came with the move to Chicago in the middle of the nineties. With the success of Tortoise Thrill Jockey represented for a long time the postrock sound of the windy city. But the label stands for a much more diverse sound, where flokcoristic tones (Freakwater, Luke Roberts), advanced pop music (High Places, Future Islands, The Fiery Furnaces), electronica (Mouse On Mars, Lithops, Mountains) or world music (Sidi Touré, Sorry Bamba) are naturally side by side.