Jeff Parker performs his first live album… live


Jeff Parker recorded his first live album with three others: Josh Jonson on saxophone, Anna Butterss on bass and Jay Bellerose on drums. Quite a classic jazz set-up for Jeff Parker, who is still known from Tortoise, back in the post-rock days. Is that why »Mondays At The Enfield Tennis Academy« has become a classic jazz live album? If there is such a thing at all, or one way or another: No.

Deep Jazz or something like that

What makes these pieces so extraordinary, what makes them, all in all, one of the best albums of the past year for us, is their courage to minimalism. Jeff Parker and his quartet find depth here, not height. You can hear in the music that its interpreters feel at home not only in jazz. Dub sounds through here, ambient and a certain head nodding is not alien to this sound. At the end of the day, simply nothing short of amazing. It’s urgent to go when Jeff Parker performs these works at ÆDEN in Berlin on June 28, 2023.

Jeff Parker In Concert
28Jun 23
Berlin • Æden
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