Brazilian jazz icons Azymuth live on Lindwerder Island in Berlin


In the middle of the Havel River in the Berlin district of Grunewald lies the small island called Lindwerder. Can you imagine a nicer place to enjoy music from Brazil? We can’t, especially since it’s not just any Brazilian music. No, it’s Azymuth, something like the epitome of Brazilian music, who will be performing live on Insel Lindwerder on July 2nd, 2022.

Founded in 1973, the trio of Ivan »Mamão« Conti, Alex Malheiros and Fernando Moraes’ jazz with Latin American rhythms and Música Popular Brasileira (MPM) music is style-defining. They called their style »samba doido« (crazy samba) themselves and refined it on two dozen records.

Laid-back and enjoy the show

Alongside them will be Berlin-based Spanish producer S. Moreira performing, who is a master of laid-back summer breakbeats. Listen to his 2019 album »It All Come Down to Patterns« and you will see. There will also be three passionate DJs on the turntables, Coco Maria and Beat Pete and Helio Pelosi, all three of whom not only know their craft, but whose art is also based on a profund knowledge of Latin music. Don’t miss it!

O MATOs Island Jazz
02Jul 2022
Berlin • Insel Lindwerder
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