Sandro Brugnolini’s Masterpiece of Psychedelic Library Jazz »Overground« to be fully restored and reissued


Many things in life have two sides, up and down, right and left, yin and yang, this and that. With Sandro Brugnolini, it’s »Overground« and »Underground«. Two records, both released in 1970, both masterpieces of psychedelic library jazz. They are considered his best works. One of them, »Overground«, is now being reissued in a restored version by Sonor Music Editions and is being released in a Black Vinyl Edition and a Grey Vinyl Edition limited to just 300 copies. The latter is available exclusively from HHV Records.

Fuzzy, Trippy, Swirly

»Overground« was created as the soundtrack to »Persuasione« by Enrico Moscatelli and Mario Rigoni, a documentary film commissioned by the Ente Provinciale Per Il Turismo Di Trento, a local tourism authority in Italy. The titles read like the outline of a semester paper in biology: »Cellulin«, »Cirotil«, »Simanite«, »Alipid«, »Brain« and so on. The music is also »organic«, to stay with the image, and often correspondingly psychedelic. Sandro Brugnolini and his colleagues Angelo Baroncini and Silvano Chimento (guitars), Giorgio Carnini (piano, organ), Enzo Restuccia (drums) and Giovanni Tommaso (bass) play the “psych” scale perfectly here, in other words fuzzy, trippy, swirly.

Recorded in March 1970 and released by Sincro Edizioni Musicali in November 1970, the album has been transferred from the original tapes and remastered for this reissue. The painting by Umberto Mastroianni, which adorns the cover, has been fully restored in order to reproduce it faithfully and in the best possible quality.