Soundtrack to the Viking action drama film »The Northman« on Golden vinyl

The Northman

Robin Carolan, founder of Tri Angle Records and composer, produced the music for the film »The Northman«, which opened in cinemas on April 22, 2022, together with musician Sebastian Gainsborough, known by his pseudonym Vessel. The composition, released on the Sacred Bones label, was designed to make the historical film from the Viking Age both authentic and accessible for a modern audience. For inspiration and insight into the history of Viking music, Carolan and Gainsborough consulted the musician and ethnographer Poul Hoxbro.

Historical music, in a modern guise

The artists, who come from the electronic music scene, used traditional instruments including the Tagelharpa, Langspil, Kravik Lyra and Säckpip to create the historical Viking world of The Northman. In addition, the two allowed themselves to be guided by their artistic freedom and added instruments to the sound less typical to the Vikings, such as drums. The composers’ aim was to make the world of The Northman feel raw and unwelcoming, while creating an alternating atmosphere of the beautiful and disturbing.

The soundtrack will also be available on vinyl in various color variants from July 15, 2022. Exclusively at HHV Records a Gold Vinyl Edition is available.