»Tra Scienza E Fantascienza«, Piero Umiliani’s futuristic jam, gets a new edition


Piero Umiliani (1921-2001) was probably one of Italy’s most diligent film composers. Someone once counted 220 scores for film and television. Most likely, there were more. Because among his compositions are also compositions for films that don’t even exist. »Tra Scienza E Fantascienza«, apparently arranged in 1976, first released on record in 1980 under the name Moggi, now remastered and reissued on Musica Per Immagini.

Danza Galattica

On »Tra Scienza E Fantascienza«, which was even considered lost for many years, Piero Umiliani shows all his versatility as a composer and his fearlessness of new possibilities in music. Umiliani, initially a jazz pianist who played with Chet Baker, is considered to be the one who brought jazz to Italian film. Here, jazz can still be recognised in the rudiments, but more funky bass runs and lots of synthetic sounds. The mixture of playful melodies and solid groove is big fun even after more than forty years.

The record will be released January 28, 2023, in a black vinyl edition and in a transparent blue vinyl edition which is limited to 200 copies worldwide and exclusively available from HHV Records. 

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Moggi (Piero Umiliani)
Tra Scienza E Fantascienza HHV Exclusive Transparent Blue Vinyl Edition
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