Five X Five

Invisible City Editions • 2022

British producer, rapper and songwriter Frank Ed combined G-Funk, RnB and NYC Disco to create his self-proclaimed genre of »Street Jazz« on »Five X Five« from 1994. Earlier at the beginning of the decade, Ed Accura began to live out his passion for music by starting to produce experimental avant-garde and jazz-inspired sounds. His fascination with hip-hop also became increasingly apparent, until he finally founded the group 617 together with D.R.A. and Bolistik in 2003. On his track »The Vibe«, the Ghanaian-born artist fuses downtempo nuances with pulsating bass and adds a funky atmosphere to the whole thing. On »Groove Control«, however, he relies primarily on a combination of minimal and disco. Here, as the name already reveals, the groove gains the upper hand. Finally, this track is memorable because of the rousing Loleatta sample, which makes the body dance with her »You got me burning up« vocals. »Jazz Maiden« catapults you into the action with a screeching car stop. An »Excuse Me!« from a female voice repeatedly interrupts the rap vocals as a special touch. This lovingly remastered reissue of Accura’s album »Five X Five«, released by Invisible City Editions, also contains two more tracks not previously released on vinyl, including the NHB remixes of »Feelin’ Jazzy« and »Summer Jazz«.