Star In The Hood

Parkwuud Entertainment • 2023

I could tell you here that I’ve known and celebrated this record since its digital release in 2022, and more of the same. Or I could be honest—and openly admit that I don’t know anything about **Klein** and _»Star in the Hood«_ and the alleged hype. Well, the truth hurts, but let’s face it: Anyone who doesn’t regularly leaf through 3,422 pages of crumbling Wire reviews is making themselves more important than they really are. So, lets take an unvarnished look at Klein and her music. She comes from London and has already released on Hyperdub. But the cramped, claustrophobic noise didn’t go down too well there. Mica Levi thought it was great, though. Apparently Arca did too. So Klein went out on a limb and founded her own label Parkwuud Enterntainment (because: yay Bey!) and made lots of so-called references to so-called pop. Well, that’s the way it is with new music, it’s new and it’s supposed to work on Insta. This makes _**»Star in The Hood«**_ no worse than the entire, reasonably well-funded collage canon that has been repeating itself as a real-time music variety show since Pierre Schaeffer and the unbearable twelve-tone spectacle. But no better either. So, nothing missed. But definitely there for the new, old hype!