Best Available Technologies

Fixing Until Broke

Accidental Meetings • 2022

With »Fixing Until Broke« Kevin Palmer aka Best Available Technology, takes up both avant-garde, dub techno and experimental and ambient. Palmer grew up in Southern California before moving to Portland, Oregon in 1992. There he began experimenting with samplers, cassette decks and other audio equipment. True to his name, Best Available Technologies often works with obsolete electronics from thrift shops. In recent years he has had releases on labels such as 12th Isle, Opal Tapes, Styles Upon Styles, Astro:Dynamics and Further. His new 10-track album was released on the UK Accidental Meetings label and it really lets his unique style shine through. Starting with quiet snares that are later accompanied by drums, »Nickel Plated« picks up on recurring echoing noises against a rushing background. With its crackling and distorted sounds, by contrast, »Memories Can Wait« comes across detached and harmonious. In »Total Atrophy«, Palmer slows the tempo right down at the beginning of the track and combines concise bass beats, snares and sci-fi-like sounds to create a hypnotic atmosphere. The release is topped off with the track »Discorporation Dream«, the tension-building and gloomy mood of which is repeatedly interrupted by high tonal frequencies, violin music and hushed voices. An album that triggers a rollercoaster ride of emotions with its versatility.