Our Love

City Slang • 2014

It all means nothing without you – Dain Snaith’s seventh record is all about big feelings. »Our Love« is in fact to be understood as a naïve ideal, as a thing that people could actually all agree on somehow. Therefore, the Canadian musician has put together different patterns, so that every track can go down well. »Silver« is clouding its own melody in order for the rhythm to really come forward through the samples. The vocals are given their time in the lime light, before the synths come along and lever the whole track. On »Second Chance«, Snaith has sped up the rhythm and allows each tone to unfold as if the track was a kaleidoscope. And still, »Our Love« has its very own and strange dynamics, and they don’t really add up through the whole length of a record. »Mars«, for instance, is a bit more experimental, testing its spatial borders – and therefore not blending in with the rest. Because Snaith often chooses artificial approaches and then turns it all into something very organic, creating tracks full of warmth and optimism. Despite it being the last track, »Your Love Will Set You Free«, too, is not an actual ending. The previous »Back Home«, on the other hand, seems to fancy a bit of funk, quite contextless. Maybe »Our Love« is missing great moments in order to compensate its weaknesses. Maybe the tracks should have been even more extreme, so that the album could have become more exciting. And maybe, it’s all a bit too naïve in order to dive in and find one’s way. Those looking for love will still be happy with »Our Love«. All the others will get nothing more than a fleeting moment of joy. But that’s something, nonetheless.