Credit 00

No More Sad Trance!

Uncanny Valley • 2023

The music of Credit 00 feels something like trying to get into Berghain at nine o’clock in the morning with a neon-coloured bomber jacket, your jaw already aching from all the standing and the next man in the queue wanting to put spikes in your hair. It’s nothing new that the nineties have been flooding the dance floors of the world for a few years now. But why stop at trance when you can also pack in the grotesqueries from garage house to Italo disco in one track? The 4-track EP »No More Sad Trance!« by Leipzig-based producer Alexander Dorn tries and succeeds in making the jump. If you don’t start hankering for your old Jungle records after the first track, you have until »Save the Forest!« to get out your vintage sunglasses. At least for all those who missed the last club year because of lockdown fatigue. Long after Trance has returned to the night, Credit 00 stretches the arc further, and does so authentically. The genre mash-up evokes nostalgia but keeps you on your toes: the name says it all. Between trance, gabber and 90s pop, not sadness emerges but the desire to put the Trainspotting filter over the dancing crowd. A nearly twenty-minute journey through time that we would like to have more of.