Daisuke Tanabe

Floating Underwater

Ki Records • 2014

Daisuke Tanabe really is a »Shopping Mall Super Star«, as one of the tracks on his second solo album suggests. After having taken his first German steps on Christian Löffler’s label Ki Records he had a little intermezzo with Project: Mooncircle For »Floating Underwater«, however, he has returned to the Cologne-based label with the Japanese name – and so the Japanese musician is casually scuffling through a crammed store with shelves full of samples and style-snippets, picking up a jungle-part here, a hip hop beat there, taking a supersized pack of glitch or a few ounces of IDM. Then, with his shopping cart full of bits and pieces, Daisuke Tanabe walks straight past the checkout counter– a phenomenon apparently called »Fun Robbery« – and takes his treasures home, where he dismantles and reassembles them in his workshop. If necessary by force. To be honest: Not everything that the eclectic sound smith Daisuke Tanabe has mixed together on these two ten-inches automatically goes together. And still, it stands and jumps and runs around like a chirpy homunculus. It might be the glue, actually: Broken beats are being held together by some high grip melancholy and now shine through an analogue patina. »Floating Underwater« is much less of a record than a peculiar little creature: strange, fascinating and friendly.