Furyon / Anymus

Trance Exploder / Trance Atlantic Flow

STROOM 〰 • 2022

Trance. Pure. Without any hoo-ha. In 1993, no one is aiming for the hands-up-break-and-drop moment to the beat of a cigarette that you sweatily smoke down in two puffs. Instead, people prefer to wear yellow sunglasses, smear gel in their hair and wear platform shoes. They are drawn to dark cellars where it is loud, the air is stuffy and lightning flashes between silhouettes. Belgium is the real deal in the trance and techno game. Not because everything glitters and the synthesiser surfaces look like a spontaneous ejaculation of fashion influencers. But because people are out there planning for the long haul. Furyon and Anymus, two Belgian producers whose names sound like they laid the foundations for Anonymous, let the kick drum march – always forwards, never backwards! At the same time DJs play »Trance Exploder« by Furyon to peak-time capers simply because of the two-minute instrumental intro, but after four minutes they open all floodgates and a deluge of ecstasy tears drown the place. Anymus’ »Trance Atlantic Flow« poses as a cool brother who paints his fingernails black, smears kohl under his eyelids and blasts out Drexciya in place of The Cure. Those looking for closing material simply go with the flow and trance themselves out.