The Hollow Organ EP

PAN • 2014

Last year, Luke Younger was busy enough establishing his new label Alter – he succeeded through releasing a hand full of records by artists as different as Hieroglyphic Being Richard Youngs, Age Coin or Damien Dubrovnik. He didn’t have much time to spare on side-projects, such as Birds Of Delay, which he founded together with Steve Warwick (Heatsick.) Only his alter ego HELM could squeeze in at least one little release by the name of »Silencer« for PAN His new master stroke called »The Hollow Organ« picks up the four-track-concept from that record and carries it even further. In accordance to his label-work, HELM proves on this 12inch that he’s interested in all sorts of musical styles. »Carrier« is unusually short with its 3 minutes playing time and moves towards synthesizer-jamboree with the help of an undercooled pulse. »Analogues« focuses on industrial influences, while »Spiteful Jester« comes along with nerve poison and noise. »The Hollow Organ«, the best of four very good tracks, drills a piece of drone into a track of Musique concrète. HELM knows how to make the textures to be thrilling; the balance between the crass sounds is just right, which is the tricky part when creating an album like this one. Of course, it’s not the kind of music to listen to while eating sushi-rolls – it’s time to put the sea-weed to the side. It shouldn’t be too hard to stay concentrated when listening to these four tracks.

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The Hollow Organ
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