Selected Songs 1997-2003

World Of Echo • 2023

Welcome to the recording history of Hydroplane, a Melbourne indie pop band active during the latter half of the 90s at the same time as The Cat’s Miaow. Although the original plan was to release just one 7″ single, the project eventually spanned five years and resulted in the release of three albums. The soft and clear voice of Kerrie Bolto sung over the simple, blurred guitar arrangements, partly on housey sample beats, gives the project its special hue. Any attempt to pigeon-hole Hydroplane into a genre fails quickly and miserably. The high art of the band lies in their ingenious combination of indie rock, electronic ambient and independent soul pop. The melancholy and stoic calm of the immaculately enchanting pop-ambient compositions are perfectly captured on the double LP. A delightful album that convinces with its soothing-repetitive character.