Tara Clerkin Trio

In Spring EP

World Of Echo • 2021

The opener on the Tara Clerkin Trio’s second release »In Spring« is one of the songs of the year. Maybe the song of the year. Probably the song of the year, so just listen to it! »Done Before«, fffffffuuuuh, Duke Ellington produced Tirzah. Brilliance and nonchalance combined in the most harmonious of ways. Rapture and complete AWARENESS all in one. A conventional duck in the Jardin Du Luxembourg. The problem of a band having to release new work after a rather exceptional first album is thus quickly solved. »Done Before« takes the pressure off completely; all you can do as a listener is to surrender directly, give in, give up, it’s impossible to have any pretensions after this, everything has simply been said, as after: bon appétit. The self-titled debut was especially beguiling because of its fogginess, its convolutedness, its OFFNESS. And now they’re just fully there, and yet it still sounds entirely like the Bristol-based Tara Clerkin Trio you’ve come to love so quickly. The new clarity does no harm, on the contrary, the POP-SAVVYNESS – with which folk, jazz and hip-hop are playfully made up now – gives the band’s music a whole new pull. It makes you want to visit the album and give it flowers, so you can sniff them together.