Tara Clerkin Trio

On The Turning Ground

World Of Echo • 2023

It’s all too easy to listen to this twenty-six minute emotional time capsule from the Tara Clerkin Trio a few times in a row in such dreary November weather. »On The Turning Ground« feels like a childhood memory that Dad accidentally recorded on his VHS along with a cookery show. But now it’s back, because mum found a copy in the attic and the reawakened feelings tell the story all over again. Bristol’s Tara Clerkin Trio have succeeded in embracing minimalism while remaining as complex as possible. Somewhere between trad and pop, the melodies of »On The Turning Ground« flow together transiently, creating a mood that is neither melancholic nor euphoric. Yet it feeds on both. It’s easy to see why the band have toured Japan so much in recent years with the instrumentals »Brigstow« and »Once Around«. Carrying a past that sounds almost archaic, the songs are spiritual without being pretentious. In between, »World in Delay« and »Marble Walls« are songs that you would like to hear on the NTS Morning Show: jazz for the cold of winter, warmth for the fossilised.