Leon Vynehall

Rosebud / Black Dove

Studio Ooze • 2023

Following the release of his experimental album »Rare, Forever« in 2021, Leon Vynehall returns to the club sound that made him famous with the two-track EP »Rosebud/Black Dove«. This was thanks to tracks like »It’s Just (House of Dupree)« or »Blush«, which delivered euphoric, fast-paced house music that was sample-heavy without sounding like mere copies of what had been done before. »Rosebud« successfully follows this formula, but takes it to a new level with even more peak-time affinity. Once again, Leon Vynehall proves that he knows how to keep the audience engaged for the entire running time. Apparently his tracks never seem to quite take off. Yet on closer inspection, you already find yourself far above the ground. The Brit expertly injects this peculiar ambiguity into the A-side, which is almost ecstatic throughout with its piercing dub chords. It probably works so well because the poppy vocals – even more impressive on the B-side – tame the wilderness and make it accessible to the indie-rave faction around TEED, Caribou, Four Tet and the like. When Leon Vynehall adds a majestic trance line over the wobbles, you feel more like you’re at Coachella than at a rave that deals in ambiguity. That, however, that doesn’t make it bad.