Ghostly International • 2017

Under the name of Lusine, Jeff McIlwain is returning to relaxation. Not only has he airily spent four years on creating »Sensorimotor«; the eleven tracks also enjoy utter deceleration of world experience. The Seattle-resident by choice dives into delicate melodies, puts the rhythm into a straight (yet happily teetering) line and drops a few glitches into the listener’s ear here and there. It’s like the perfect supplement to Moderat and colleagues – just without the lime-light attitude. On his tenth studio record, Lusine isn’t doing things much differently compared to what we know from his previous records. Well, nothing at all, really, to be precise. And that might be the only thing to blame him for. Everything sounds harmonised and as if handled with kid gloves. It’s a beautiful, sleepy record for a Sunday morning, for eating your breakfast egg on the roof terrace (that is, if you have one). You can even play it when having friends over who are more into hip hop or punk. Broad agreement seems to shimmer through. However, the record was created in such an elaborate and affectionate way that your heart melts the second the synths-tracks set in. The man knows how it’s done.